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ttr90 WOT rev limit/bog?

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Hello all.  

My buddy bought an 03 ttr90 that has a WOT bog that feels and sounds like an ignition rev limiter.  If you ride it in 2nd gear and roll on to WOT than it hits the limiter and won't rev out(maybe 4000ish RPM). but if you roll on and stay off of WOT it will rev out much further before hitting the same rev limiter/bog thing.

We have 

sonic cleaned the carb body
replaced needle, jets, gasket and entirely rebuilt the carb overall
Shimmed the valves 
new spark plug

With no positive results.  I haven't compression tested it but I can easily i just didn't think that was the issue considering how nicely it idles and rides(at least until the rev limiter). we are beginning to think the stator might of burned off a phase or something but we really aren't sure where to go from here.. Any help is much appreciated! 

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Checked the timing and the front cam was 1 tooth out. Corrected that however didn't have time to reshim the valves.

Ran the bike with the airbox off and it was shoooting gas out of the intake side of the carbuerator- typically a sign of tight intake valve right?

Any input at all helps!

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