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WR450 - Lengthen Clutch Actuator Arm

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I have a 2005 WR450F, and I've done a bunch of searching relating to a lengthened clutch actuator to improve clutch effort (at the expense of reduced travel).


Can anyone confirm how much the actuator arm can be lengthened before clutch disengagement becomes a problem? I've read "extend by 10mm" quite a bit...


One thread suggested an actuator from a '98 WR400 was 4-5mm longer. I ordered one off Fleabay, but the arm I received today is exactly the same length as my '05, so either the length info was bad, or I received the wrong part.


I'm looking to either have this used actuator modified or order a different used one, if someone can confirm a compatible actuator with a longer length vs the 05 WR450.


Thank you. 🙂

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I don't understand why you are doing this, when you can just change the lever on the perch for a different ratio.....

You can modify the lever yourself,  or contact ARC about making you a lever that changes the pivot point closer to the bar..... but when you are done you will have changed the force needed by only 10%, and now your clutch will drag all the time.

You should do the 'swiss cheese' mod to the basket, fix the worn clutch parts, and put a teflon coated clutch cable...

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Thanks for the reply, Krannie. 🙂

My thought was that the clutch actuator mod would be a more durable and time effective mod longer term. Weld it, install it, leave it vs modifying a stock lever or having a custom unit, both of which might be more prone to breaking in the event of a tip over. With the actuator mod, no additional time required to modify a lever in the case of breakage.

I knew a lever could achieve effectively the same thing, I just figured the actuator would be easier in the long run.

I plan do the Swiss cheese mod shortly and inspect for worn parts while I'm in there. 🙂

Thanks again!

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