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crf50f 2007 CRF50F kickstarter jammed.

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Hello fellow riders!

 I am a new member of Thumper Talk, but not new to the website. I'll start by saying thank you for all of the help I have already received from this awesome forum. I am currently baffled with an engine issue. 

After a long winter in the garage with the tank and carburetor drained, my son and I gassed up our 50 and were attempting to get it running for this season. After 15 or so attempts at kick starting the bike, the kickstarter seemed to get stuck in the top position. As somebody who has replaced a kickstarter shaft on a bike, (not this one), as well as kickstarter gears on a different bike, I knew not to force the kickstarter. 

After troubleshooting to make sure it was definitely inside the motor I went ahead and disassembled the engine. I think I may have found the problem… there were some small pieces of a non-magnetic metal in the cylinder which appeared to be keeping the piston from returning back down the cylinder. Does this make sense? I have inspected the kickstarter shaft and gears and don't see any obvious issues. I will also mention that I am not a complete expert on this subject. Is there a list of parts inside the engine that are made of aluminum or some other non magnetic metal? I have included pictures with a dime next to the metal parts for scale. 

I am confused about where these pieces May have come from and have scoured the service manual looking for any clues. Any help from you experts out there Would-be greatly appreciated! 


Tim S.













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