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DRZ400SM Stalling Issues

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I have a 2008 DRZ400SM with around 12k miles on it. The bike has been having issues starting lately, so I was hoping someone on here could help me trouble shoot.

I'm able to get the bike to fire up fairly quickly, it will idle between the upper 1500s and mid 1700s (rpms) for a few minutes before the rpms begin to drop about 100rpms/sec before stalling out. I pulled the petcock out and checked that the fuel filter was clear of debris and it was. I also pulled the carb out to adjust the fuel mixture screw. It was only a half turn out. I turned it in to snug and backed it out 3 full turns, reinstalled, same issue. I pulled the carb back out and rejetted it. Previous jetting: Red Needle from JD Jet Kit, clip at 3rd position down, 160 main jet, 25 pilot jet. After Rejet: Swap to Blue Needle from JD Jet Kit, clip at 4th position down, 160 main jet, 25 pilot jet (carb was clean and jets were not clogged, fuel mixture screw remaining at 3 full turns out). Bike fired up instantly after rejetting, but after multiple minutes of idling (1600+/- 100) the rpms again dove and stalled, fan kicked on and coolant in overflow.

*While trouble shooting this I have been adjusting the idle screw to keep the idle rate at 1600+/- 100 and will blip the throttle from time to time. 50% of the time I blip the throttle the rpms will stay up around 2500 or so and will take multiple seconds to drop back down into the normal idle range.*

I threw my helmet on for a quick test spin around the neighborhood. The rpms seemed much higher than normal, ranging between 2500 and 4000, including when the clutch was pulled in. The rpms seemed to be "hanging up" and not falling back under 2k. I didn't go above 40 mph or above 3rd gear, most of the time I was in second gear. I pulled over to put the bike in neutral, the rpms finally dropped, but down to around 1400 and then 1100 before stalling. It took multiple seconds and a good twist on the throttle to get the bike to fire back up. I went straight home, put it in neutral and the rpms dove again and the bike died.

I live in North Carolina, low elevation, hot and humid climate most of the year. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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