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Bike dies as soon as the throttle is moved.

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A friend with an '06 YZ250F just rebuilt his FCR carb and installed a JD Jet kit. It idles fine, but as soon as the throttle is moved at all, the bike dies. He did the o'ring mod and installed new main and pilot jets, as well as the JD needle. I'm trying to help him troubleshoot. It dies now matter how fast or slow the throttle is twisted. The float level is correct.
I was thinking he should check anything to do with his accelerator pump. Also, is it possible the slide seal could cause this? He insists the slide is in correctly.
I'd like to disassemble it with him to make sure everything is installed correctly, but would appreciate ideas if anyone has experienced this before. The bike did not have this problem before the jetting/rebuild
Thanks in advance, guys.

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