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84 XT600 Running Hot

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I recently had some work done on my YDIS carbs on my 84 XT600 and now it's running hotter than it used to and it seems to run better with the choke on.  I've got a digital temp sensor on my spark plug and while I know it's not an accurate reading it is reading over 50 degrees hotter than it normally would.  It has also developed a hesitation when I open the throttle enough to engage the 2nd carb but once it's open it seems to run fine.  The pilot screw is set at 2.5 turns out.  Any suggestions as to where I should start?



'84 XT600

2016-04-09 15.24.50.jpg

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These bikes should have 120 /120 mains in both carbs , #46 or 48 pilot depending on location, pipe, temp , needle can be shimmed up with a washer . The secondary carb should start to open when the primary carb slide is 6mm off the bottom.

With an aftermarket exhaust a 125 main is better and the secondary needle shimmed up with a .020 washer . With those settings it'll run best , anything other and it's out of tune probably.


I have an ideal location for a good accurate temperature reading on the motors . With a Trail Tech 6mm probe , drill and tap a hole in the plug on the right side of head just in front of the tach drive . It puts the probe right over the exhaust valve where it heats up the most so is the quickest responding to see exactly what temp the motor is running.




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