400ex engine in yamaha banshee frame

so i love the yamaha banshee the way it looks and stuff but dont really want all the power that comes with it. so what im thinking for my first quad i wanna put a 400ex engine which is more docile in the yamaha banshee. i know its not gonna be easy but thats what i wanna do. what do you guys think? im 17 120ibs 5'10. btw im new here

While the Banshee is a good looking quad, the frame is nothing special. I don't think it's worth the work, but would love to see pics of the conversion as the work progresses.

What about an old yamaha warrior 350? Looks similar to the banshee and its a four stroke with an e-start.

the yamaha warrior is a little smaller plus the 400ex engine is faster with electric start and reverse. i feel like if i get that i would want to go faster alot quicker

On 6/1/2017 at 0:39 PM, twinstar king said:

What about an old yamaha warrior 350? Looks similar to the banshee and its a four stroke with an e-start.

The Warrior is a heavy, ill handling and slow quad, but they last forever. Simple in design, like the 400EX but not as good. If it were me, I'd look for a Suzuki LT400...

you think a lt400 would be good for a beginner? if not i was thinking a stock banshee with a set throttle screw and stuff. i see older first timers getting it for the wife as a first bike i dont see why not right?

The Banshee is about the worst "first" quad for anyone. The engine is hard to manage power, esp on the trails, which is wasn't meant to ride in the first place. It takes a skilled rider to make a Banshee go fast, skilled as in a racer or 2 stroke small engine clutching and constant shifting.

The LT400 on the other hand, has e start, reverse and smooth but powerful enough engine. It is easily faster than an EX400 and just as reliable. It is easy to ride and has enough power to keep you happy for years.

well if i do choose to get the banshee its not gonna be ridden on trails. its gonna be on open desert, you never know i might master it as my first quad who knows . as for the lt400 i will definetley check it out

That would would be so much work for not any benefit. It could be done of course, but in all honesty just buy 400ex or lt400. Otherwise a lot of fabrication and finding little stuff that fits here or there. 

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A banshee frame is a horrible design. They literally took an rz350 motor and asked the janitor to build a frame around it.
As far as it being hard to make fast and hard to ride is complete non sense.
I trail ride my banshee. Bike makes 80 HP on a safe tune.
They are not high maintainance bike either. I've had the same plugs in for about a year.
The bike only goes as fast as you make it.

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