black side panels and rad scoops

i think ive found a complete set of black plastics

ill keep u posted

Tease! :)

no no,,,


rang a dealer,,,, who said they could supply them (i doubted that)

although just rang the manufacturer and yes this seems to be the case.

the manufacturer is polisport

there stuff is very well priced , easily the cheapest,,, and the stuff ive used has been at least as good as acerbis and ufo

i can do my whole bike for less then £100

I would love to have some black sidepanels ( I hate putting on the black backgrounds). Let me know if we can get them. The rad shrouds don't sound bad either. 2000 426

Let me know!

I'm in need of some sidepanels!

I've been looking for black side panels and radiator shrouds for a while now. Please keep us posted.

ok just ordered

BLACK Front number board

BLACK fenders

BLACK fork sliders



BLACK hand guards

,, will pick them up tomorrow, ill let you know the quality etc tomorrow night.

also ordered a rivet on WER Steering damper (£250)

new tires (m12's)

O ring chain

Stealth steel/aluminium/titanium sprocket

still undecided as to a hydraulic clutch yet though

ok full set of black plastic in the boot of my car,,,,,,,

look pretty good

Lemme know!!!

Lemme Know!!!

I need to see those black sidepanels!

Can you take pics and post them or email them to me???

Mark, you can also order a black gas tank from Clarke. Then paint the frame black, buy black Excel rims...

Am I counting correctly, 6 posts without mention where this black stuff is coming from?

yes 6 posts 7 now

though i did say on post # 2 who manufactures the plastics.

the moral of this story,,,,, more reading less counting

Counting... reading... websurfing...

What's the diff?

My judgement is clouded because you have the cool plastic and I don't. Now I'll be checking that polisport website every 15 minutes, like a mental patient, waiting for it to come up.

LOL! :)

Ive already checked their website 3 times today and sent them a e-mail.

Mabye Im not the only physco. :D

ok i brought my stuff from my local dealer who ordered it in

however these guys

i found out have the black polisport stuff in stock.

They only carry wr side panals which are a bit more flared to account for the bigger exhuast.

hope this helps u out

Ok, we see who makes it, but how do we get it?

website, shop, phone number, something please.

And, will this be deficult for us Yanks to get our hands on?


there number is +44 (0)1531 631700

they might ship em out to u

the only black plastic i seen from there is shrouds or side panels. whats the name of the shop you got them from ? got a phone #

yeah scott i have a big clear clark tank and had my frame powder coated silver

as soon as it all bolted together ill take some pics

the plastic seems pretty good quality [not as good as acerbis]

it has a few sharp edge etc but hey,,,,,,


rob yeah i ordered mine through rideMX in stratford on avon 01789 292931

although Race spec have em all in stock now.

when i spoke to polisport in london they said they hadnt had the full range of black stuff available till recently.

though when i got mine it had printed on em that they where made in 1999 ,, odd huh

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