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Yz250 vibration trouble shooting

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Hey everyone. I appreciate any help I can get with this. 


I recently picked up a 2012 yz250 with only 30 hours on it. During the test ride it was perfect, and during practice at my first race it was perfect. But during the race (2 hr harescramble) it started getting a noticeable engine vibration that I could hear and feel. I was POSITIVE it was the crank. I blamed it on some older amsoil I was using and spent the money. The crank and all the bearings were replaced by a pro with OE parts. Guess what? Still has the vibration and noise!


Id like you guys to tell me where to start troubleshooting. I am an expert level rider but I never had the patience to learn to diagnose these bikes. I would typically sell it and buy another one in this situation but I really think this one is a keeper. 


The engine hasn't lost any power, although it do often hear it running a little lean. 

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