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Need advice on BMW X Country

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Hey guys,

I need some advice/help.

I have a chance to buy an 07' G650 X Country from a friend of a friend...I guess he blew the motor and the crank is bad. Journals in the cases are still good, but it definitely needs crank replaced and some bearings. I haven't seen it in person yet, but he said it's in good shape otherwise. All plastics and other parts are there. Guy who owns it is not very mechanical and got quoted something ridiculous from BMW to fix it and he decided to part with it. I can probably buy it for $1000, so it doesn't seem like a bad deal. 

Are these bikes worth the hassle? I've never ridden or even seen one in person so I have no idea about them. 

Thanks in advance!


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Parts are expensive here in Ontario, bikes are quirky! & not in a good way, close friend has one and has become very frustrated with all of the issues & high parts prices.

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