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A few times ago I've had planning to get a dirt bike. for trail some enduro and street


5.57 ft is my height

110 pounds my weight


I was thinking on a 250, 350 and 450 all ktm brand exc or xcfw. And I include the 450 because compare this to honda crf or yamaha wr I think the 450 ktm is smoother power engine then those bikes (crf and wr) but is just an assumption


I own a banshee 2 stroke quad I've ride this for 3 years and not tired feeling when I run it. the detail is. With this machine I can't ride in some terrains that in a bike I can do. Next is I ride mostly alone. With the quad need help sometimes to pass some obstacles

So in this point i need a bike that i can dominate


My experience with bikes that I've ride:



Yamaha yz250f 2009 (feels rigid, great power but is for MX I looking some with lights)


Kawasaki kx250f 2006


Honda Xr400 2003 (this one when I hit the throttle I feel that is want get me out the bike and scary me a little bit)


Yamaha Dt200wr 1998 (great bike sweet engine and good suspension but dont want 2stroke)


Kawi Kmx200 1993(almost same than the dt200wr a little bit less power and ground clearance)

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If a xr400 scares u a 450 will make u shit your pants. Try to find a yz250fx if price allows (only made 14-17 if iM right) a crf250x is also a good option for you

( comes will electric start and headlight stock)



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