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YZ weak link

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I have found a weak link in the rear brake pedal mounting on my yz's.   Two broken bolts in a row now on different bikes.


This time the end of the bolt is stuck in the frame.   Looks like the threads are stripped as well.

Is an easy out the solution?    drill small hole, insert, then loosen?   seems like a small area to work with and may prove difficult.


On other bike, I ended up using a new brake pedal bolt with a nut on the back.       I know the thread pitch is 1.25 but I haven't been able to find a thin nylon lock nut locally.


I just use Loctite and a bolt that threads properly.   Already broke another bolt using this system.


So that actually makes 3 broken ones now at this point.     Dirt roads and some mx would solve my problem.


An LHRB really helps when the pedal goes south, too bad I didn't have one on the bike for todays ride.


Any better ideas?




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Stupid question but... Are you removing the cotter pin keeper pin befor unscrewing it out of the frame? I looks like it breaks right at the holes for the keeper.

I would bet a drill bit would push and screw it through the frame. If not drill and easy out. Then use timesert. 


8mm 1.25 pitch

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Not sure what you have going on here but the shoulder should mount tight against the frame making it near impossible to break mid thread like that. I have never had an issue with the Yamaha set up. Wrong bold? Coming loose?

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