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SSR Pit Bike. Help identifying Motor.

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Hey guys I have a SSR that I picked up last summer and would really like to ride it this summer my only problem is I dont know the model number of this SSR and it has NO Compression!

So I need to figure out what the model number is on this bike, or what exactly the motor is so I can buy parts for it.

The VIN on it is A5SDD2R3ECC001463

I have also attached a bunch of photos and can upload more if needed. 

Also if you guys have any ideas on why I am not getting compression I would love your input on that as well. I replaced the carb and now I just need to figure out the compression issue.


Thanks so much. I will be active on here!






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You can start off with a valve adjustment doing .003" for the intake and .004" for the exhaust and see if that helps raise the compression. Post up the engine VIN number, it is under the countershaft sprocket near where the footpeg mount bolts to the engine.

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It's 154FMl12051043


is there anyway to figure out what this motor is so I can buy parts for it if I need to?


and thank you for advice I will try tht thatsirtbkr188


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Usually, the numbers closest to the letters in the engine VIN indicate bore size, in this case it could be a 54mm bore, and possibly a 54mm stroke. Chances are it is a Lifan engine, and parts are readily available for it from T-BOLT

Post up the parts you need, someone can possibly help you locate what you need on T-Bolt's site.

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Unfortunately, you can't always rely on the engine VIN for correct information, you're going to have to take the head off and measure the bore with a set of digital vernier calipers, for an accurate measurement. Post up your findings here and then we can go from there.

As reasonably priced as the Chinese parts are, it is better to buy a new cylinder as well, to give you a new scratch-free cylinder surface.

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