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XR70R CRF70 Cheap Aftermarket Exhaust

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Hey Guys and Gals, I'm doing a bit of a tidy up on a 1998 XR70R, I'm not looking at doing a restoration but just something for my son to ride until he's ready to set up to a KTM 65sx.

Anyways the major issue I have is that the old existing header pipe has rusted/snapped off inside the head, I'm doing a full topend rebuild with a Chinese kit so that takes care of the engine side but I'm finding it difficult to find a replacement exhaust, I don't want to get a FMF or similar as it'd be worth more that the rest of the bike and I can't find any genuine/used locally (Australia).

My hope was that I could get a get a cheap pit bike muffler/header and make that work, there seem to be a lot that claim to fit the XR50/CRF50 but I understand the bottom of the pipe to were it levels off horizontally is a different length to the XR/CRF70, would it be possible to cut the shorter pipe and internally (or externally) sleeve it to make up the extra reach?

Any other ideas would be appreciated.



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