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New KLR Owner

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First time owner of a Kawasaki and a KLR650 (Have owned Honda's and Triumph's in the past) Been looking for a while for a quality used KLR. They seem to be readily available on the used market.
Found this 2010 sparingly used KLR. PO was a Older gentlemen that was getting out of riding all together. He took really good care of it, and put a lot of aftermarket goodies onto it.

As I am reading as much as I can consume about the KLR over the last few weeks prior to purchasing it, The hole "Burning of Oil" / Oil Consumption and the Lever Spring/Doohickey issues that they seem to have kinda worry me a bit now that I am a owner of a KLR.
The PO had not done the Doohickey Mod/upgrade to his bike (8400km on it) Should I be concerned about this ?? I have ordered the Eagle Mike kit, and plan to complete that Mod ASAP.

2 questions I have...
How often do I need to adjust the Doohickey ?
After I change out the OEM to the Eagle Mike set-up.... Will the Eagle Mike kit ever reach a point of "No Adjustment" ??

Thanks All





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The doo issue was taken care of by Kawasaki.  The old adjusted bracket would bend out of shape when tightend, making it bind.  Generation two adjusters do not bind.  The doo kit from Eagle M is very nice and uses a torsion spring vs straight.  Can not say the oil burn is not still a problem.  Big singles tend to burn some oil.  Keep an eye on the level and I use quality oil no synthetic.  I have a 692 cc kit and love it.  It performs as advertised.  The 692 is a option to repair a failed 685.  I use 692 and will ebay a cylinder if needed.  Fine tune jetting and the 692 will deliver.

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