Triple clamps?Handlebars, whats everyone running?

I am just curious to what bars everyone runs and how big they are,and how the bars hold up, I am 6ft,165lbs and I have a pair of old Azonics i run on my CR125 but I want something for my 426 when i get it. I was looking at the new black protapers and hear they are really strong.

also what kind of triple clamps are good for a rider my size?


Applied Tripple clamp top

Renthall TwinWall Windahm bend

GYTR Upper crown, and bar clamps

FOR SALE--- GYTR top clamp (4 different settings to choose from) with bar mounts, i have a std bar mount and a 10mm raised........ $90.00W/ BAR MOUNT OF YOUR CHOICE... also JEFF EMIG twimwall bars for sale... $75.00

Stock TC's with TAG X5 bars, stock Yamaha (McGrath) bend. I had a pair of McGrath bend Rider Edition Renthals (supposedly stronger than standard Renthals) and tweaked them on the first biff. The TAG's are standard OD, but are 1mm thicker than regular bars. The ends are standard size for aluminum handguards. They are holding up well, and don't bother my hands much. I haven't explored the TC market much, but Emig Racing seems to have some nice set ups, as well as TAG and BRP.

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Applied top and bottom clamp

Renthal Fatbar (Henry)

Fasst Co. anti-vibration inserts.

-BRP Triple Clamp

-Azonic Double Cross Bars-Larocco Bend

i am 6,3, i run tag top clamp with 10mm+ risers with cr double hi bars. its about 125 mm in all. i also have lowered foot pegs. if and when i bend these i may get pastrana free style bars. they are 121mm alone

426 guy, check your pm


Emig top clamp.

Renthal Fat Bar, McGrath bend.

I am 5'10", 200lbs.

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