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2007 RM 85 Throttle issues

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My buddy has a RM 85 that we have been having some problems with. The bike is jetted rich, he hasn't messed with the jets yet. Jetting is stock and we live in Florida. It fouls plugs every now and again. Muffler is stock, along with expansion pipe. Once the bike has been ridden for about 1 hour or so, well warmed up out of nowhere it will go full throttle for 2 seconds or so. The throttle springs back to idle with no problem, but the bike is full throttle. I thought it could be a fuel line getting pinched or the throttle sticking, but no dice. I have no clue what it could be. Once it did it while he was in a jump, when he hit the ground it went full throttle and flew off the bike. He broke his arm, and the bike was still going full throttle until I ran over and shut it off.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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