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04 CRF450R Submarine attempt - didn't work out

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Last fall I ran my 450 into a water hole thinking it was 12" deep and turned out to be 3' or more and it didn't work out. I tried kicking it right after and it definitely had water in it. We pulled the spark plug and pumped the water out, but then the kick start lever broke and that was it. Later, at home, I put some atf in the cylinder and drained the oil. After cleaning that all up (won't run on atf either) I made several attempts to start it with nothing. Fast forward to now (life happens) and I've totally cleaned out the carb, verified I have spark, installed a new spark plug and no worky. 

So, I have a couple of questions:

1. I tried to do a compression check (check for bent valves, etc), but I don't think the compression release will show the real compression just kicking. It has a rekluse so I don't think rolling it will work. Anyone have an idea how to defeat the compression release temporarily?

2. I read in another thread where the owner found it was a bad capacitor connection. I'm not aware of a capacitor unless it's under the stator cover. I have what looks like good spark or at least good enough for one pop on ether and I get nothing. 

I'm definitely a novice at 56, but this bike with a rekluse was like a tractor running through the woods and at tracks (oddly the YZF426 was better on a track - but consider the source). I'd like to get it running, but a lot of posts point to bent valves, cracked cylinder, decalibration of kanuter valve - in other words part out, sell as a fixer up type situation. 

Any easy answers?

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even with the auto decompressor you should still get a compression reading. We call it "starting compression". once they start they slings the weight open on the auto decompressor and essentially deactivates it. without the decompressor you would be breaking kicker levers every week. Your starting compression should be around 65-70 psi. Anything less than 50 psi its probably not going to start. Do the compression test with throttle wide open

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