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Oil change intervals-are you doing it too often? And spark plug change- tank need to come off?

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I've read multiple threads where guys change their oil every 2-3 rides. No matter the miles or time. If you go by the manual, it says to change the oil-filter after the 1st 600 miles or 1 month and then after ever 1,800 or 3 months. 

I cant see people doing 600 miles every ride to justify changing it after 3 rides. 

Ive riden my 05 Wr450f 3 times in the last 3 months putting on about 50 miles a ride. Has 475 on the odometer (if that's right is another thread). 

It has motul 300v 10w-40 in it. Checking the oil and taking out a small samples shows it to be nic e and golden-new looking and smelling. 

Does any one go 1800 miles or 3 months between changes? Do it when the oil gets browner/black?

Just seems like a waste of $ and time to do it so often if ur under the mileage and timeframe. 


Also want to change my spark plug soon , not sure how old this current one is.  Any tricks to get it changed without removing the gas tank?


thank you


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hours run time is a better judge, as mileage is dependant upon speed of the course

1800 miles off road is a lot, prob about 90hrs at the speed I would average, which on 1L of oil being used in the transmission as well, in a competition bike is...well pushing it!

I was going 15 hours on my 450 between changes, which was normally about 300miles, which was about 7 rides

it got to 500hrs with one piston change at about 400hrs before i sold it. Piston at 400hrs old looked good, but it was burning a bit of oil esp on high speed courses

Oil was never black, although that is not an indication of if the oil is at the end of its life, its just carbon from blow by past the rings being held in suspension

Viscosity is the first thing to suffer, and a typcial 10W-40 shears down to 10W-30 or less is a few hours of use


At the end of the day, its your bike, andf change it as you see fit. Can't say I'd ever have let mine go 90hours on 1L of oil though. That's road bike oil change frequency

My 450 manual (2008) said every fifth race or 600miles





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If the oil were to stay clean, you could run it that long..... but it doesn't.

That, and the fact that oil can only really be 'over heated' one time before it starts to break down quickly.....

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Oil is cheap, engine rebuilds aren't.  I just did a dual sport ride, ~147 miles, 5 hours on the bike in that time. I'll do one more comparative ride, then change it, or a few times putzing before a big DS ride and change it. 

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