Street legal YZ426?

how can i make my bike street legal? What kits do they sell and could i just hook up a taillite to my stock cdi?

There is a company called Electrex USA that makes a complete street legal kit for the 426 ( even the CR450F) that includes lighting, real ignition key, harness, etc. You will need to check with your local state laws to see if you can register the bike, ( CA could be difficult). From what I've seen and heard it looks like a very good kit, and hopefully they can keep up with demand better than Baja Designs had been. Whit Bros is distributing the kits as far as I understand as well.

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Wow, check out what they claim:

"plug-n-play installations, getting you out riding in under an hour!"

Does this not include the lighting coil?

Page 63 of May 2002 Dirt Rider. Also an Electrex ad, and I quote "Dakar Kits start at $495.00". I think its safe to say that side mirror would be the first casulty, post installation wreck, and those blinkers wouldnt fair to well either, but I guess that just depends on how much you enjoy laying down your bike.

I have the electrex dakar kit on my ride. Love it.

The only problem I am having is, I bought the wr400 rewound stator off of them as well and it stalls out from time to time when applying the brakes w/ the headlights running. I am going to contact them to see if there is something that can be done. Other than that it is a very nice product. Took more than an hour to install though, maybe 2-3hrs is more like it. I am street legal and loving it. The guy I bought it from was out of state and the title came back dualsport, how lucky am I? :)

i just got a lic.plate for for my yz426 about a month ago,i am lucky, the county i live in,in ohio, doesn't require an inspection i just filled out a body change affidavit and they exchanged my "off-road only" title for a regular street title. i do have a headlight,taillight and brakelight that runs off of the electrex lighting coil stator,the lighting coil however is only 45w so when i put on the brakes the other lights dim abit and are pretty dim at idle but no problems so far with the law,also ohio doesn't require turn signals on bikes as long as you use your hand signals, i do have some dummy turn sinals that i can put on if i am going very far but they don't work they just look the part.the key for me is to look as legal as possible and you can get away with a lot.this is my fourth barely legal dirt bike and no problems (knock on wood!!!) so far even with the dirt tires(and i have been stopped by the fuzz before and no violations)luck? maybe hope it doesn't run out if thats the case.

later dudes

jeff :)

I peiced together a lighting kit for my yz400 this year. I got most of the stuff from Rockymountain. I used

electrex 45w lighting coil / RM

Acerbis bilizs headlight / RM

Ufo tailight (mounts under stock fender) / RM

Acerbis mirror / local shop

Trailteck spedo / RM

Brake Presure switch / electrex

Voltage regulator / electrex

I have the coolest horn. It is a personal alarm from Radio shack. It runs off a 9v battery. It is like 1" x 2" x 3". I wired in a honda kill switch and ziptied the box to my fork behind the numberplate. It puts out like 115db blast. So far so good. It dont like water. But once it dries out it has always come back to life. It sounds like nothing you will hear on the road and it looks a lot better than those squeeze bulb horns I see people using.

If ya need anymore info let me know.

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