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FE501S cutting out when warmed up

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Hey guys,

My 2016 501S has suddenly developed a problem.  It runs great for about 10 minutes when I start it but once it gets fully up to temp it starts to surge and cut out really badly when I try to give it throttle.  It's really violent and abrupt when it happens.  It seems like running out of gas or something but I have a full tank and it doesn't start until the bike has been running for a while.  The engine doesn't actually die though.  If I pull the clutch in it idles pretty smoothly.

I did come really close to running it out of gas the last time I was out riding it and drained the tank the most I have since I've owned the bike.  But it ran fine over the 15 miles to home once I filled it up.  I've changed the in line fuel filter and even tried it for a few minutes without a filter in the line at all but none of that helps.  And I can ride it for several miles before having the problem at all so I don't think anything is clogged.

Any ideas?  The dealer where I bought it is almost 2 hours away and they kinda suck too.  But I'm pretty stumped about why it runs great for a few miles then starts acting up.

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