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I have a 2001 Rm 250, with full fmf system, Boysen reeds in stock reed cage. Im in mississippi, so lower elevation. I plan to ride slow woods. What pilot, main jet and clip position is best and WHY?

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45 pilot

nedj clip 2 summer 55-60 f and hotter / necj clip 3 winter 55f and below

main 160-162

search spanky's jetting guide for correct air screw settings and plug chops to check the main

missisippi seems very simmilar in elevation and temps where i live in australia

so i think the NEDJ nedle clip 2 would be good all year round

mix 40:1-50:1 with good full synthetic low flash point oil

set the float height to factory spec as per manual 

the nedj and necj needle come from a 2004-2008 rm250

if you google " suzuki necj needle " or "suzuki nedj needle " the part numbers are easy to find

any problems pm me 


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