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15 500exc turn signal problem

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Ok so from start to finish I put led front signals on the bike and had a rear tail light with integrated turn signals. It all worked awesome. I was racing a local hair scramble and ended up cracking the tail light with out noticing, I guess when I washed the bike after the race it got some water in it because when I put my signal lights on one of the two leds didn't work and it made all 4 corners flash at the same time. Figured it was from the shitty light but I just put a new led tail light and some drc flush mount signals on the back and my signals all work again but the are very dim even the front ones are dim and I know they are all good, I have a led flasher relay and have pulled the bulb from my indicator light. When I put the factory flasher relay in the signals don't work at all? Any idea what I might have going on or anything I can check? I'm stumped on this one???

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