2001 6 Days of Northern California Ride

Today I have exchanged e-mails with Damon Powell, Team Dual Dogs, and he has asked me to located 50 riders who are willing to enter the event for this year. Having ridden this event 4 times in the past it is an adventure, and will probably be more so this year since large portions of the course have had very few tracks since the 1999 event.

Damon's e-mail address is :damonpowell@dualdogs.com

It is a dual sport adventure and you'll need a license plate to enter.

I urge all who are interested to contact Damon or myself. You won't regret it. Unless you aren't interested in 6 days and about 1200 miles of riding. There is some excellent single track. Lots of opportunities for adventure of the unexpected kind on this ride.

this could well be the last time we have this opportunity. Act now!!

Since I recently moved my e-mail address is no longer active, try me at : brucec@chelanpud.org


Wish I could attend but have already reached my max for allotted ride days.

I have ridden several of Damon's rides and am making the Sequioa Scenic Challenge in June. He always has some awesome trails and rides are well organized. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

1200 miles of single track in 6 days. 200 miles a day for six days? What do you do after the ride run a triathalon?



Let me clarify this some. It is about 1200 miles but NOT all single track! As with most dual sport rides there is lots of different riding. Day 2 is normally about 270-290 miles, with hardly any single track, if any.

Believe me, after 6 days you will have a severe case of monkey butt. Lots of logging roads and two track. More than enough pavement. Damon does his best to minimize the pavement. The nastier it gets the better he likes it.

Some of the best is through the Hoopa Indian reservation! This is only ridden during the event, except for some single track through the poison oak, several felt the impact from that.

The 4 times I've ridden this event I've had a great time and made some great friends.

This may be the last opportunity we have to ride this one.

IT IS AN ADVENTURE! If you don't like the unexpected then this is not a rdie you should try.

I'll be out on a two day road ride and will check this site again on Monday. Hopefully to find some interest.


I'm interested but it will really depend on the dates & cost. I've heard/read very good things about this ride in the past. I'll send Damon an email.


I rode the 6 Days with the WR400Rock in 99, and I've got to say it was the most enjoyable experiance on a bike (next to the Colorado 500) I've ever had. The ride loops around Mt.Shasta, and the scenery is awesome. Course is challenging and well marked/layed out. Damon goes all out and does a great job making sure that everyone is having a good time. You will never regret going.

Brian Meadows - As trailguy indicated, you will not regret this ride. Hopefully Damon can find enough riders to make it happen!

I just received the following from Team DualDogs.


May 23, 2001


1) Six Days of Northern California dates and fees.

2) Sequoia Pre-entry dates nears.

Dear Dual Sporters,

Many of you have responded back with interest in entering the Six Days of Northern California Adventure. Of course you all have questions. When and how much. I'm commited to organizing this awesome week long adventure in one of the most breathtaking scenic areas in the West, but this all depends on your participation.

The dates are Sunday, July 8th through Friday the 13th. Cost depends on the number of participation. 25 of you would require a fee of $750, while 50 participants would pay at a reduced fee of $500. If only 10 of you were interested, you probably wouldn't attend.

The fees include six days of awesome riding with professional rollcharts and maps, a well ribboned route, gear transportation, evening bike maintenance supplies, several meals including our Friday night banquet and a commerative item. The fee does not include hotel stays. It can easily be a $1000 week long vacation, which ain't bad and well worth it.

Your committment and a $300 deposit would be required by June 12th. Tell your friends and pass the word. To read an article about the Six Days of 1999, read Randy Lazar's story here: http://www.dualdogs.com/Newsletter.html

I'll post more details with riders info, locations, entry forms and hotel lists in the near future. And if you have a company or employer wanting to sponsor a meal or the commerative item, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


The Sequoia Scenic Challenge pre-entry fee ends this Friday, May 25th. As of today 65 of you have entered. Quessing how many plan to attend is difficult and may cause shortages of commerative shirts and meals. The Post Entry is $140. Get your entry in the mail before leaving for your Memorial Day weekend.

The consensus on entries regarding skill levels are as follows: 0-Beginners, 9-Novice, 33-Weekend Warriors, 20-Experts wanting the nasty stuff. This is typical, but where are the beginners? On cruisers getting hurt on the pavement I suppose. But seriously, this is a great ride for first-timers. Tell them to come out and enjoy.

See you on the trail!


Damon Powell <damonpowell@dualdogs.com>

Team Dual Dogs Promotions http://www.DualDogs.com

Ride Hotline: 661-823-0396


Anybody interested?


Brian - Excellent post. Hopefully this will drum up some folks interested in riding this one. The link to the article should answer many qauestions anyone has on this event.

ok rock whats up. tell me more i would like to go. dates. or just email me


1200 6\days sounds great


mrmtm - Check the posting from Brian Meadows and read the article written about the 6 days in 1999. Check the picture link also.

If you still have questions give Damon a call, or send me another e-mail.

Good news, looks like this is going to be a go! :) If you would like an entry form let me know and I'll e-mail or fax you a copy, or contact Damon. Includes motels and camping info also.

Looks like Thumper Darryl & I are going to make this one!

Sounds like a lot of fun....another video in the making!!!


Easy there Daryl, eh. That little XR is an awesome bike - not as fast as my WR or your pumpkin but it will get you thru just about anything. Besides, if I do the 6 days I may ride it since it has the barcalounger seat instead of the potato chip seat like my WR.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it but I'm certainly trying.


Easy there Daryl, eh. That little XR is an awesome bike - not as fast as my WR or your pumpkin but it will get you thru just about anything. Besides, if I do the 6 days I may ride it since it has the barcalounger seat instead of the potato chip seat like my WR.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it but I'm certainly trying.


Brian Meadows: If you sell that lump (HONDA) you broke on day 2 of Moab you could easily afford to attend the 6 days ride and bring a friend or two.Hope to see you there.


400 EXC--stock&great

YAMAHA 250--sold

250 sherco

A double post? Is that like a stutter? You may be right about that Honda seat. Now you got me thinking,anybody know any exercizes to toughen up your butt. 6 days on the pumpkin seat.Hmmm.


400 EXC--stock&great

YAMAHA 250--sold

250 sherco

All the footage from Moab showed you standing - your trials roots showing thru. Although I'm not sure you could pull that off for 6 days.


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