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Husky 2005 TE250 engine cut out

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Hi All, I was out riding with my son in the weekend and after about 3 hours my husky te250 suddenly died.  The engine cut out, the back wheel locked up and I skidded to a halt in the sand.

i tried to kick her over but the KickStart only moved a couple of inches and then stopped. I then pulled the decompression lever and the KickStart turned her over freely, but as soon as I let it go it would move a couple of inches and stop again.

I am going to take it to the shop this week but thought I would see if anyone could shed some light on what may have happened. Up until this moment it had been running great and because I was just following my boy around on his PW80 I was not giving it much of a workout at all.

i was riding on sand through a forestry track and also through quite a few fairly big puddles, but the breakdown happened a long way from any of the puddles.

now I'm just hoping it's not too major !!

thanks for any help 


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