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Do you service a Scotts damper?

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Just messing in the shop and I notice the adjuster on my Scotts damper didn't do much until is was almost totally closed.  I bought the damper new like 10 years ago and it's never been serviced.  It probably has over a 1000 hours of use over four bikes.  It's never leaked but I wonder what the oil condition is like.  Probably not 100% anymore.  If I do service it, what oil should I use.  Is Maxima 5wt fork oil fine?  Is there a special trick to bleed them or ensure there is no air captured inside?


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Yeah I sent mine out to be rebuilt when it started leaking. There are just too many parts on that thing to rebuild at home. Plus I didn't know what oil to use, I think it ran $60 for the rebuild plus parts

Mine was about ten years old when I serviced it also

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A basic oil change is pretty easy to do but to actually do a "full" service requires some specialty tools that are made just for that job. If you send it to us we charge $35.00 for labor plus parts. Depending on the age and wear on the damper average costs end up between $65-$100 out the door



The link above will tell you all you need to know to send it to us.




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