Engine case paint

I've been spiffin' up the ol' 400, and suddenly the paint rubbed off the clutch cover/ignition is looking poor. Where can I get paint that would match the factory Yamaha silver/gray color that was once on there? I checked for a PJ-1, couldn't find it.. :)

Go to rockymountainatv.com and go to the paint section...they sell the PJ1 case paint...good stuff and has held up pretty good on my bike.

Anyone ever powder coated these?

Cool. Should I get the YZ Metallic silver, or the Satin Grey for a '98 400f clutch cover?

I would go with the YZ metallic...i think it looks better. Makes a great paint for the swingarm too.

The PJ1 Yamaha metallic silver case paint doesn't look like a very good match. See the attached pics below. Has anyone tried using PJ1 Suzuki satin grey case paint?

PJ1 OEM Case Paint

(17-SLV) Yamaha Metallic Silver Case Paint:thumbsdn:

(17-GRY) Suzuki Satin Grey Case Paint



Put on some aftermarket covers looks way trick... any way you go it's just going to rub off again.... Good luck:thumbsup:

Norton crankcase, eh?

Anyone ever powder coated these?

Why yes.......yes I have.



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