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Xl600R Carb question

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I just purchased a 1986 XL600R.  It has been neglected and ran very poorly.  When reviewing a video on cleaning the carbs I realize my carb is missing a low mixture screw circled on the picture attached.  I haven't been able to find this screw for sale and may just order the full rebuild kit.  The carb has been taken apart before, one of the screws was nearly stripped.  

If I order a rebuild kit, what is the best way to go?  Or, can I just order the screw?

My carb is also pictured.  Not sure why the orange plastic piece.  

Low mix screw.jpg

My Carb.jpg

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Your Carb is correct , the R has the Mixer screw on the left carb near the Air intake . the Video screenshot shows the LM or RM Carb with the mixer screw on the bottom front ,the plastic piece prevent the gasoline from spapping around to much and shold be in both carbs .

You can look here: in German sorry but pics say more then 1000 words and google speaks german now too


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