03 450 vs 04 450 diferences

Has anybody owned and ridden both bikes? What did you notice?

Also, how is the suspension for a 160lb rider riding purely SoCal MX tracks?


Joe :)

Yep. I own them both and have the set up the same. The differences

'04 has a nicer clutch feel.

'04 has better suspension.

'03 has more power and is easier to ride (for me)

'03 is easier to start. ('04 has not lost any compression yet)

'04 gripper seat not quite sure what I think of that. It rubs on my legs and makes them raw. But my butt stays put.

The suspension alone is worth the difference. I love my 04 suspension.

I don't like the titanium foot pegs on the 04's. They break to easy. If you are doing a lot of woods riding, I recommend taking them off and selling them before you break them. Buy you a pair of fastways. They are stainless steel.

Thanks for the posts. I had an 03 YZ450 and loved the power and had no problems with the clutch or idling. I had to sell it for financial reasons. When I was able to buy a bike again I thought I would try out the 03 CRF 450. It never felt like the YZ, not even with a full FMF Ti exhaust. I'll ride my 04 YZF450 as soon as I sell the 04 CRF250.


Joe :)

I owned an 03 before my 04 the motor has a little different ignition timing which increases the bottom end power, the 04 front fork is awesome, much smoother than the 03 the clutch is almost fixed completely and only squeals when cold, seat sub frame & number plates fit better on the 04 for some reason, titanium foot pegs.

I noticed the forks are way more plush than I remember.

I noticed you have frame guards on yours. Do they prevent the frame from getting trashy looking. That was my only complaint when I had the 03'. I'm looking at the Lightspeed or GYT-R carbon fiber. I won't take the bike to the track until I put the guards on.


Joe :)

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