WR450 How do they Ride?

Looking into what bike to buy, & the 04 WR450 is one of the bikes on my list, So after getting little responce from riders on how they actualy Ride, and what Querks etc they have, I decided to ask in here.

Basicaly the info i'd like is.

How does it Ride?

Any Querks that are worth knowing about?

Are there any problems worth knowing about?

What is the Stock Range?

What is the Avalabillity of Aftermarket Parts/Plastics like?

What is the Average "Non-Callifornia" Price?

& anything else allong those lines!:D:)

How does it Ride?

I believe they ride awesome. I may be biased. I have only owned Honda and Yamaha but ridden many others. The yamaha turns just awesome. Honda's are more prone to head shake. I totally hated the KTM.

Any Querks that are worth knowing about?

on the 03, I think the battery could be stronger.

Are there any problems worth knowing about?

The 03 has some bugs that needed working out. I have raced it for over a year now with no mechanical failures and only basic maintenance. No motor work.

What is the Stock Range?

mileage range. I have run 60 miles before hitting reserve on teh stock 2.6 gal. tank. Depends on riding style

What is the Avalabillity of Aftermarket Parts/Plastics like?

Lots and lots

What is the Average "Non-Callifornia" Price?

I bought mine from a Mississippi dealer and had it delivered to Texas for $5849 total.

Everything Moon said...and some people think they're top-heavy. With a 39" seat height, they're definitely tall. So, if you're inseam-challenged you may want to take that into consideration. I'm 6'2" and I think the height is perfect!

Soon to be in Idaho, huh? Whereabouts? :)

Soon to be in Idaho, huh? Whereabouts? :D

Well, If all goes well, I plan to be in Bosie, or near it sometime latter this year. :D

dunno about the hight, I'm about 5'8" so i'm not sure if i'm tall enough... :)

I'm just out of Boise in Nampa. PM when you get here and we'll go tear it up on that new WR450 you're going to buy... :):D

Cool, Mabie you could point out some online trail maps for me, been lookin everywhere for some.

& I'm still Undecided, but my choices are down to 3 Bikes.

(2 are Exotics)

I may just decide to get a used WR450 & get my Riding De-Rusted & get one of the other's later... :)

What price do used 03 & 04 WR450's in good condition tend to go for?

I hear that ZipTy racing is coming out with a lowering link soon. I have a friend your height who has a WR250F which is the same height and he likes his fine plus, his riding has been improving quite well. I like to see new bike companies but some of the exotics I have seen out at the races have been poor quaility and they cost more. A GasGas rear brake got so hot the rubber bushings caught fire. My friend's new KTM had a stripped bolt when he tried to adjust his bars. Yamaha and Honda seem to make the most reliable machines. I put high value on not pushing my bike back to the truck. So far, so good.

Sounds like i Just migt be the right size for a WR450 then... :)

& being in the UK at the moment, I see Exotics all of the time, I'd never look twice at a GasGas (total junk IMO)

The Exotic's I was considering were VOR & Husky. :D


Could Use more info.... :)

Since someone has already asked the question I will add to it. I too am in the market for a new bike. I have it down to basically 3 bikes.A Kawasaki KLX300R and a Yamaha WR250 or WR450. I'm 5'7" and 180 pounds. I've rode my buddies WR250 and thought it was great, but I can get a new WR450 for only 400 dollars more and 15 pounds more weight. The KLX is being considered simply for seat height, price, and weight. I ride, power lines, gas lines, and in the woods. However, I would like to have a bike that I can take to the track and have some fun. I'm not interested in racing it, just running the track with something that can handle the jumps. Currently, I ride a TTR250 and would like something with more power and better suspension. Does anyone think this bike is too much for me? Slash the 450. Does, the 15 pounds extra weight make that big of a handling difference. Also, I figure the 250 and 450 probably add about the same amount of weight in terms of Oil, coolan, and gas. I figure about 15 to 25 pounds of fluids. Any Advice would be greatly appreciated. I want my next bike to satisfy my power needs, suspension needs, and reliability needs for several years.



Yamaha TTR250 - Me

Yamaha TTR225 - Me

Yamaha TTR125LE - Wife

Go for the WR-450. When I got mine I was a little fraid about it beeing to powerfull, but the engine is so great that you whan't have to worry much about that. It is very easy to control but when you wan't the power and twist the throttle it has ALL the power you will ever need!! :)

And the suspension is probebly the best one you can get stock. :D

If you ride on tight trails in the woods a CRF250X or WR250 are the bikes you will be quickest on. If you ride a mix of open and tight terrain get the 450 for its versatility and power. The KLX isn't a bad bike but can be a pain in the a$$ to start when hot and the suspension is not near as good. The other 250s are a better bet. Be warned that the WR450 is not a timid trail machine and needs to be muscled around more than the 250s because of the additional power and rotating mass.

Thanks for the feedback. I have a few questions about the WRs and YZs that I am sure you guys can answer/clear up. I am under the assumption that besides the lights,kickstand,gas tank, and starter that the WR has a lower gear ratio for slower more controlled movement. I have been told that the WR stands for Wide Range. Now, I ask this because I rode my buddies WR250 several times and then I rode a buddies YZ250F. The YZ felt ligher, but in my opinion my buddies WR felt more powerful. I suppose it could be that I just became more relaxed, confident, and controlled with the bikes as the first time I rode the WR I felt it was too much. Now, I don't think that at all. In addition, I could not tell much of a difference between the gearing. Again, it may not be enough for me to tell or I just got more confident. I ask all these questions because, most experienced riders with these bikes have said the YZF is a great bike, but for what I do(trail riding, pipeline riding, and the ocassional track fling.... although I would go more with the WR) that I should ge the WR as it is better setup for this type of thing. But when I rode the YZ I did not tell much of a difference in power ratios and could take off decently on inclines. I thought, hey maybe the YZF450 should be an option. No lights, but a lot less weight. Anyway, I found a place in Tennessee that will sale me a WR450 for 5450.00 and a WR250 for 5050.00., with sales tax. I believe those are great prices. I live in Alabama and will gladly travel the 4 hours to save 1000.00 dollars over the local dealers. They're asking 6000 for 03's. The KLX is 4000 grand and from what I've read, you've got to spend some money to wake it up, get the suspension right, and no electric start. Plus, I've read that they have some shifting problems. Also, for those of you that have rode both the WR250 and WR450, going from one to the other big difference when changing from a handling standpoint. I want the WR450, as it is not that much more and only 15 pounds more in weight. I assume with all the fluids it goes to around 260 to 270. My TTR225 alone weighs 259 dry! My buddy that has the WR told me that he knows a guy that told him that his 14 year old son rides a WR450, and I'm thinking if he can ride it and like it then I should be able to too. Anyway, let me know what you think about the prices I have found and my understanding of the difference between the YZ and WR. Also the WR's in tennesse are all 04's. Thanks for replying to my posts. I am a new member to thumpertalk, but have been viewing the forums for several months now.


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