Zip Ty neutral cover vs pilot jet?


For those who have installed the Zip Ty neutral cover....

Does it affected your idle jetting?

Mine is real too lean now, inconsistent idle and real hard to start. I used a #45 pilot before and it was perfect, so I'd switch to a #48, now starting is back to normal except when cold, but it's still too lean and idle still a bit inconsistent even with 2 1/2 turns out on air screw, now I have a #50 and #52 in order. Seem a big step to me...

Stock neutral cover retarded timing in neutral right? Now can it really affect slow jet that much

Other recent mods include;

a BMP spark arrester with all 8 disk, many told me that stock jetting is fine with 8 disk so it should'nt affect much.

A CR8EK plug instead of stock CR8E, should'nt affect

And I've also WR timed my exh. cam. just to know what it would be. Could be this last one that affect jetting. What # is a stock WR pilot jet?

Any clues, look normal to you?


Originally posted by Dan_YZF:

Any clues, look normal to you?

NO way. I have the neutral switch cover and the bike starts and runs just like it always has. I would have to say it is the cam timing.


What is the Ty Davis neutral cover ???

What does it do?


All the plug cover does is eliminate the stock cover and do the blue wire mod for ya.

Question: Did you do the WR timing and cover mod at the same time?

If so, Im with ernie on the timing issue. Changing the cam timing will effect your jetting with out any doubt. If you did both mods at once, the cover isnt the issue.

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