Carb part needed

Anyone have a float bowl drain screw in decent condition? Mine has gotten beat up as sometimes I eat to many Wheaties and as a result the head is pretty stripped and I have to use pliers. Not interested in a new carb and Yamaha does not have a part # for this. The parts guy said that the only way to get a new drain screw from Yamaha was to get a whole new carb.


go to a good auto parts store, or a great hardware store that has the "Pull-Out" displays in their hardware (nut & bolt) section.

Maybe a 4 mm bolt?

The screw has a tapered section beyond the threads, would a standard bolt work? If so it sounds like a 59 cent solution.

Yes, do your best to match it up. You may have to search around a few hardware stores...

If you're talking about a bowl drain you CAN get one from Yamaha, it's part number 5BE-14115-00-00. Bike sellls it for $33.60 which is typically list. A GOOD dealership would give a crap to look it up and sell it for $20 something.

If you can get a reasonable facsimile to work for less do it, but if not, you can get one from Yamaha.

Hey Pooley, ready to ride!!!!! :):D :D

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