Cbr600rr no headlights

Headlights not working on 2011 cbr600rr. The middle v light works and blinkers and brake lights all work. When i turn key on and start the bike with no lights working like i say and then flip the switch to high beam it blows the fuse but the bike will stay running until i turn it off and then when i try to turn it back on it doesn't do anything until i replace fuse. I have checked wires for loss connection but cant find anything. Bulbs are good. I checked the starter switch and it felt like everything was ok. If you know what may be the cause i would really appreciate the help. Thanks

I'd say strip all the plastics off and check the headlight wiring all the way back through the switch for a short, as this is what an instant fuse blow usually is telling you. You haven't said anything about the low beam (or is this the "middle light" you're referring too?), does it work with a good fuse? Bike start and run ok with only the low beam only? Problem only is with the high beam?

The "middle light he's referring to, is really just an accent light, just a single led. It's between the intake opening and windscreen. 

Have you been into any of the wiring and done anything yourself? Is it still the stock headlight? Or did you put in an aftermarket HID setup or one of those LED conversions? 

It had HID high beam kit on it when i bought it and the HID box was making it blow a fuse and it burned the wires in my low beam so thats why both lights were out. I went back the stock white bulbs and got rid of the HID and now everything works fine

Cbr600?  You need a 1000! lol



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Yeah i plan on getting one soon but will probably be next spring. Also looking to ride with people in the 252 area

Glad you got it fixed. Most of the HID kits on ebay and other places are pretty low quality, which is probably what was in it. 

My first bike was an '08 CBR600RR. Loved it, but was ready for a bigger faster bike, so when the chain broke and took out the engine, I found an awesome deal on a 2011 Hayabusa. More comfy of a ride, and more fun running 9's in the 1/4 than low 11's 😊

I think if when I put the new motor in the 600 and decide to sell it, if I don't get a Street Glide, I'll get a 1000 for my nimble wheelie bike 

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