Do I go '04 for $5200+tax, or wait for an '05?

Wonder what it was that won the Daytona ST??/ Hmmm, oh yeh a Yamaha!! 4 speed too...only use one gear anyway...its lighter than the Honda...and makes damn near as much HP up top, but KILLS the Honda in the Midrange by about 10hp!! PLUS it is a whole lot easier to work on, shorter wheelbase...etc, etc... LOL

go get em Tryce!

Yea, I saw who won at Daytona...J.R. Was he on a Yamaha? :) Not that I want to debate brands, but I didn't think the Yamaha was lighter, and easier to work on. They are all hard to work on when your me! Why are the Woods chassis framers heavier in the Yamaha version if the Yamaha is lighter?

Dealers do know a lot of what's going on the next model year but they aren't going to tell you. They want to sell what they've got on the floor right now. No sense talking a possible sale into waiting for the next model year.

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