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27.5x3 Plus bike

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What do you have?  I bought a Spec Fuse comp 6 fattie this spring and love it.  Has tons of traction, runs nice and smooth, really easy bike to get comfortable on, and build confidence with.  It is the perfect bike for me returning to the sport, it's really easy and forgiving to ride, and the grip helps me get places I didn't think I could go.  It allows an easier more relaxed pace, especially climbing up loose ground, and while not being as soft(or expensive) as a full suspension bike, it definitely rides softer than a 29x2" hard tail.  When riding 10+ miles with the family on our local rail trails, it doesn't feel like it takes any more pedal effort than any other MTB, and with the good bearings, new boost axle layout and simpler 1x11 setup it rolls really easy.  I'm sold on the 27.5+ hard tail concept, even though 29s might be a little faster in some hands, the + tires have a lot of benefits for anyone, especially new riders, or those that ride at a relaxed pace.


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I have the Framed Marquette, 27.5x3 w/ the 1x11 driveline. Avid brakes, Revolution forks and a carbon frame make it a great bike.

Your bike looks sweet, enjoy!

Framed Marquette.png

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