AnyBody from South Dakota ?

Let me know if you are from South Dakota and where from .

Born and raised in Sioux Falls, 20 years. But got my first hole shot, and was lucky enough to escape :):D !!

You're pretty close to S.F., know anyone from there??


Dodger :D:D

Yep, I'm about 25 miles northwest of Sioux Falls . I used to be the Service manager at Graham Tire ( Goodyear ) on 41st and Western . Next to the Western Mall. About 1 1/2 years ago. worked there for about 6 years . now i'm back in the small town of Colton working in my Dads Automotive shop hoping to take over when he retires ( I have alot more time now for My Kids ) And Dirtbikes ( ever ride at Saddleback ? ) . On a side note , I thought this was pretty cool , We Just had three Giant Army Helicopters fly over my house with the President Of the United States in one of them. Hes going to Wentworth to a new Ethonal Plant they have put up . Very Intimidating Helicopters .

Wow, that's crazy that you worked at the Goodyear shop. My father knows the owner very very well (I believe his name is Randy), I've been in there for tires my whole life pratically. :)

You know, I didn't get into dirt bikes until after college up at the U of M, that was about 10 years ago. So, never had a chance to ride saddleaback, though hear good things about it. Got a very good friend of mine, (who is a paraplegic)who rides his '85 Honda Pilot out there quite a bit. He says it's a blast. Check out this photo, it's a pic of my buddy Eric in his Pilot, and myself ontop of Mt Bross, 14,172ft. My WR426 was in the shop that week, so I got to ride my buddys TT125 up there :D ! Ok, so I had to literally push it up a few steep sections once we were over 13K, but was still a blast.


Later Dude;

Dodger :D:D

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sent you a PM

I am from SD but clear across the state for you, Rapid City. The Black Hills are a blast to ride in, nothing like CO I am sure but still a lot of fun.


I farm with my dad about 30 miles southwest of sioux falls. I have been up to saddleback a couple times and raced the hare scrambles. Good place to ride (Y) Speaking of the president, i did happen to see Air Force One, carrying the president today while i was in sioux falls. That's one big a$$ plane.

later Pete

Dodger Ive seen your buddy out at the track before . He looks like he is having a blast in that thing . really a great rider. That is a sweet picture . Almost picture perfect . I would love to ride there someday. And yes Randy Wilson was the manager of The Goodear I worked at.

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