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Xr100 - will any xr80 engine parts fit?

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Hi everyone,

I recently bought an old 1981 xr80.  The engine is seized however I have a 1991 xr100 bottom end.  My question is can I bore the xr80 cylinder an then swap the xr80 top end over to the xr100 bottom end?

Sorry if this is a crazy idea but wondering if possible :). 




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On 2017-06-12 at 10:11 PM, Brad Thompson said:

Does anyone know what year xr 100 will fit with my 1991 xr100r?

So what years cylinder, cam shaft, cam gear and chain will work correctly


Thx again

1979 or 1980 xl100s motors are identical with XR/crf100 motors up to end of production other than the neutral switch, longer crank and heavier flywheel to accommodate the stator to power lights. The actual engine cases are the same


edit: the flywheel cover changed in 1981 when the frame changed and again in 1985 when monoshock was introduced 

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