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I have a 2015 KTM 350sxf, second owner.  Enzo revalved for the original owner.  I opened the forks to change the oil last week and noticed that the blue/green seal that separates the upper and lower chambers has been removed.  There are no compression adjusters added to the bottom, like most OC conversions I have read about.  Both top adjusters are "white", so someone changed out the red one on purpose.

Anyone ever seen a conversion like this?  My assumption is I have an OC fork with two rebound adjusters up top and fixed compression on the bottoms.  I don't really know.  I asked Enzo before I opened them up and found the seal missing.  They said this was just a "standard" revalve at the time.

I ride mostly MX.  In the woods, the forks aren't that bad, but I can fully bottom them, even with 80mm oil height.  Obviously, they bottom easily on a track on the smallest of jumps.  I'm 60lbs heavier than the original owner.  I've sprung the front and rear to my weight.   Curious of which way to go.

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The OC conversion can still perform for mx pending valving (and your ability level and terrain) 

A few thing to verify with out diving into the valving at the moment

If you happen to have the forks broken down still,, remove the bullets at the end of the cartridge rod to verify both comp/rebound leg check valves are still in place and in the correct orientation. If the check are removed and/or both needles are present and facing up into the rod,, then they are in rebound mode only, or vise versa.  

Also confirm if there is or is not, a bleed hole in the mid valve piston. 

Remove the base valve compression stack and inspect the oem piston for modification and/or if a restrictor shim is in place,, this will be a 16mm ish o.d shim restricting the port from flow.

Keep us posted

Pic's are good too lol



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