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200 XC-W VS TE300 Quick review

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First ill say I've only got an hour so far on the TE300. I went from an 08 200 XC-W which from my understanding is basically a beefed up 125. I put about 25 hours of technical single track on the bike. I just picked up a 2013 Husaberg TE300 and took it out for an hour ride yesterday. I'll update this review as I get more experience but wanted to post this so far. Pros of the 200: Literally feels like a mountain bike with an engine. Super flickable and lightweight feel to it even though I believe its only about 20lbs less. Tight single track and downhill is where I found this bike does well. I felt like the only way I couldn't make it down something is if it wasn't possible to ride down it. Cons: When you wanted the power for hill climbs or uphill you had to ride the clutch to get it. Low end power just wasn't there. Power on top also felt flat with where I had the powervalve set but this could have been jetted too lean on the main jet.

TE300-Pros: Very nice low end power. Don't have to slip the clutch at all to get it its just right there when you want it.. Hill climbs and tight technical I believe will be where this bike shines. Con: it feels like a dirtbike. I fell over multiple times going down a knarly downhill section. Although this could also be that this was one of the hardest downhills I've gone down I don't think I would have fallen on the 200. Time will tell though. The bigger size may just be something I'll have to get used too.


Like I said I'll update this as I ride it more but wanted to start with that. So far to be honest I'm torn between the 2 bikes but I'll need more seat time on the 300 first. I give that 200 props for just being SUCH an easy bike to handle. Like I said it literally feels like a big mountain bike.

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