DRZ 470 with FCR 41

The exhaust valves are usuallu the ones that take the most beating from carbon chunks and extra heat , probably a good idea to take care of them , intake may be ok but hard to say and how many miles were on the head already , doubt they were done when the bbore was done.


These are the valves I used for mine , http://www.ferrea.com/Suzuki-Engine-Valves/p34286 . I can't comment on the Kibblewhites , I've used them in many other motors without issue but not in the drz , I didn't trust them due to reports whether right or wrong , so went with the Ferrea's along with their retainers .I used oem springs . I've used Fasthead as well , they do a good job and fairly cheap . Never did ask them about the Kibblewhites , maybe give them a call .




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Toasted piston

Welp, good thing I left my head in the trusty hands of a local bike wizard.  Told me to bring him the jug and piston too for inspection after seeing the bottom of my head.

The jug needs to be replated or replaced, whichever is more cost effective.  Have a feeling the replacement will be.  eBay has a caltric brand 94mm jug brand new for $110 with free shipping.

Need to get an exact replacement JE piston, looking up the part number lasered on the bottom of it got me some good results for around $175.  

Probably going Ferrea or X2 or Pro X for the valve kit, whichever is the best bang for the buck.

Did myself in pretty good but should have a nice fresh setup to properly break in this go around!  Definitely leaving the dialing in to my moto wizard.  Plugging Mach Modified on long island for anyone local, awesome shop!

PM inbound , have some info for you ,





Piston is detonated to the point of no repair

Jug is warped.

Ordered ferrea valve kit for the head

Cylinder works big bore kit on the way.  Hopefully be able to get some riding in before the season is over!

Looks like I'll be picking up my freshly rebuilt head tomorrow!


Oh and just a little engine porn for you guys


Nice !

What he just said^^^ Nice times 2 :thumbsup:

My gurus, question, how do you know if your water pump works or not? The day I think I did the top end in the bike felt crazy hot, but no fans, no overheating light.  If the water don't pump, the radiator won't get hot, which won't trigger the light or the fans.  Just a thought..

My gurus, question, how do you know if your water pump works or not? The day I think I did the top end in the bike felt crazy hot, but no fans, no overheating light.  If the water don't pump, the radiator won't get hot, which won't trigger the light or the fans.  Just a thought..

It's gear driven, it will rotate when you turn the engine over.

But should be burped to circulate properly.




There is a bleed screw on the left radiator.

And one on the thermostat 'goose neck'.


Bike is more/less reassembled.  Head is installed and torqued to spec.  Cams are on and chain hooked up all good and proper.  Found that my mechanic held on to my spark plug, so there went starting the bike tonight.

Put oil in it and manually turned the motor over a few revolutions.  Seems to be all good.  Hit the starter just for kicks and my battery tender lithium battery is shot.  Most upsetting, I just got that back in May, now I gotta deal with warranty BS.

Put coolant in the bike to bleed the system and noticed some fluid weeping from the filler neck.  Before all this, I put the thermostat in a pot and set it on boil and it did what it was supposed to.  The o ring looked a little weathered.  So I put some silicone RTV on both sides of the o ring and smudged it back in it's home.  Going to wait till I got time again on Saturday to hopefully get her running!

Stay tuned

Well alright now! Twenty miles on it so far and she's running like a top!




Put another twenty or so miles on this afternoon and the only "issue" that came up was this floating idle.  Coming off the RPM's like stopping at a light the bike idles fine.  But if I blip the throttle the idle seems to stay high and eventually comes back down after like 30 seconds.  Got a video Here



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