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Tx300 Impressions post race

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I have been meaning for awhile to sit down and post up some feedback from my last few races on this new bike. Just wanted to say that going up stiffer on the air pressure has done wonders for me handling wise, bike felt very smooth  and planted everywhere at about 141psi. the first race was a complete mudfest, and the TX would just sit back in second gear and swim through the ruts. at the begining I was able to ride some very creative lines to avoid the mess but by the end being so tired the bike made it very easy to just sit back and cruise through the soup.

My second and better justdgment of the races was a few weekends ago through some tighter goat trail almost entirely all chop by the time third wave got to race and yet my bike still floated over most of that crap and kept me feeling confident finding smooth lines while I still had strength. again, by the end of the race I was completely beat. had a crash with 30 min to go that completely took the wind out of my sails so I was pretty much surviving, but again the TX made it very easy to ride a bit faster in lower rpms and save some strength for the tough sections!

I also got to finally take this bike to a couple track days, and wow what an amazing bike! i have never been able to pick up confidence so quick on my cornering or rut skills but there I was carrying much more speed then usual on all my trouble spots! would have enjoyed more time but unfortunatly high sided coming around a camber and carted myself into a dislocated hip! bikes ok but I will need a month and some PT before I am back out having fun!

In the meantime I will be investing in my dual sport setup and trying to get this thing licensed. I need to stay off the dirt for a little while and let the body really heal up!


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LOL...you forgot to mention the post race activities.

He threw up in the bushes for almost 10 minutes after the last race.


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