Thumper 4 sale

I hate to do it but I am selling my thumper.

98 YZ400F

Lot's of extras -

New custom SDG griper seat, YZ set up and WR set up with WR tank & Seat included. Stock pipe plus a Brand new FMF PowerCore (one ride on it)Brand tires Dunlop 739G rear, New 756 front. New Rental gold chain, two sprockets 49 tooth and 51 tooth.

I bought the bike in the fall of 2000, it was used as a trail machine. The previous owner had a WR seat and tank on it and I purchased a YZ tank & seat for MX riding but I too mostly rode trails. I put probably 30 hours max on it. I changed the filter and oil every 2 rides so it's well maintained. Very clean and runs great!

Right after I purshased it I had a new crank put in, new piston, connecting rod, cam chain and valves - ALL NEW PARTS - work performed by K&N Cylces her in KS. It did not need the work but thats another story. The clutch and remainder of the entire motor was inspected and found to be in spec. Basically it's perfect mechanically and like brand new.

I am asking $3500.00 for it and have over $5k invested. If interested please e-mail me and I will get you photo's.

I hate to part with it, even not riding it looks damn cool in my garage but I will not be able to ride all summer as I broke an ankle last summer that needs surgery... I think I should get a boat instead...



check you pm. :) sounds like a heck of a bike.

I have pic's I can e-mail if anyone is interested.

I do believe it's gone... I could not sleep last night thinking I was doing something evil (selling my bike that is) but again I do believe it's sold.

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