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Oil Cooler

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Just relocate horn and cut the plastic out, welding nuts can be a hold up unless you have a welder :D  Also weld a tab on the stem to support the bottom of the cooler after you stick something rubber over the stem obviously.  


I think the radiators mounted to the side of the engine case are just asking to be squished against a rock on a get off and dump all the slippery stuff in the dirt.  The xr400 cooler may not have the capacity or cooling capabilities but good luck destroying it and being able to walk away afterwards. 

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the XR400 cooler is not indestructible either,,seen 2 that the cljutch cable ate through from rubbing it on while riding and turning,,the cables make a nice saw when the rubber wears through..🤣


haven`t seen the side cooler take a beating yet,,maybe someday,,but you might be waiting awhile...



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That could happen, but mine isn't cutting into the cooler...  (though I'll sand some corners off by the looks of it, it's been on for the past 7,000 miles like that with a 3" bar riser to boot!!)    I'd have crushed a side cooler a few times by now but if you keep to the pavement I'm sure you'll never have a problem 🙂 

The throttle cables are the two zip tied together on the far right in the picture, past the grease zerk 🙂


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