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KTM EXC-F 350 or 450 Advice

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I am going to buy a 2016 model KTM EXC-F, I have driven the 250 and found it a bit under powered what me so am trying to find the differences.


All that I can find online is that the 450 is 3.8kg heavier than the 350. Does this make much of a difference?


I ride a lot of mountain trails and hill climbs but also plan on taking the bike on a Morocco tour and others similar next year.


I currently ride a 2009 Honda CRF450X.


Any advice appreciated.



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I ride a 350 XCF-W and find it has more power than I need.  I've not ridden the 450.  If you can't test ride them and you are already on a 450, the 450 would be the safer bet for you.  The 350 makes good power but it's spreads over a really large RPM range.  The bike really likes to rev.  It's fast but very smooth and not snappy.  I suspect the 450 has more power concentrated in a smaller RPM range making it snappier.  

For me, the 350 is plenty of power but the trails are tight and twisty here.  

No no chance you can find one to ride before you buy?

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