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Drz big bore supporting mods

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Hey guys so I just recently found out that my Drz has scored up the cylinder walls. I do a lot of wheelies and I hadn't checked the oil in a few weeks. It wasn't over the miles recommended in the service interval but it started to chatter In the top end. I changed the oil and all I got out of it was basically a quarter of a quart. 

Q1: what could have cause the bike to eat up so much oil? 

Q2: I just ordered a CW BBK and I have stock carb with fmf slip on and 3x3 mod. Is it going to mess up the bike running it like this? I know I won't get everything out of the BBK without the other parts but just don't have the cash right this second. 

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I've read all up and down the forums but can't seem to find a straight answer with someone that has my set up. 

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High RPM seem to eat a bit of oil. I would start checking your oil level weekly if you do this frequently. Running your bike with 1/8 of the oil it needs sounds like you have a leak. Personally I have experienced oil loss during wheelies due to lean angle causing oil to creep up the breather box hoses into the airboot. They have always been low RPM however. It's possible my big bore contributed to this. No solution as of yet.

The big bore won't conflict with your other mods. I would at least get a new header and rejet if you can afford it.

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