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clutch side casing removal

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hi, been rebuilding a dr600 but after finally getting the full power fuelling right, the clutch wont stand it,

so new plates and springs arrive and i go out to strip it, but whatever i do i cant shift the casing

the front does move slightly with a good clout from a rubber mallet on the side,

but you cant do that at the rear where the locator peg is,

theres no "Knocking tabs" either which doesnt help

after the rubber mallet i got a hardwood dowel in where i could using it as a drift , with no joy at all

even tried a phosphor bronze drift gently against the casing where it protrudes slightly

just cant shift it at all

short of taking the engine out and soaking it in paraffin im at a bit of a loss

all ideas greatfully recieved :-)

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no way mate, any steel blade is harder than ally, i was always told never to force anything into the edges because of damaging the faces of the casing,

and learnt the hard way with an old A7

but, its done :-)

tapped 4 of the bolt holes in the casing itself, and then gradually wound in 4 bolts, as the bolts reach the narrower hole in the crankcase it forced the casing off

happy days :-)

where theres a will theres a way :-)

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