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06 250x jetting and bogging issues

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my just finished rebuilding my 06 crf250x with a 2mm stroker crank and a 08 250r piston (13.5:1). it has a jardine rt5 full system and a stage 2 hot cam. the airbag has been opened and the backfire screen is out. i have a jd jet kit installed and it was been since before i got it. i just cleaned the carb and reassembled with the jd 165 main, red needle in clip 5 and the 42 pilot. before i did the stroker crank and the r piston it was running a little rich with a bit of carbon on the old valves. now it has a really bad stutter and bog at 1/2 throttle and seems very low on power until i rev it out up past 8 or 9k and then it makes decent power. right at 6000 it falls on its face and then once its past that its fine. the jd kit neglects to mention and more setting for anything more than an exhaust and the backfire screen.

my elevation is 300-1100 ft and temp is 15-35C (60-90*f) 

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The JD's recommendations are specific for a 250cc ?


By increasing displacement you've also increased the vacuum signal, 

each fuel circuit will now run richer than before (versus stock bore & stroke).


'needle in clip 5' meaning the bottom / richest position ?

If so, I'd start with that before touching pilot/main jets.

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