Plastic, plastic but not much plastic..

I am looking for plastics for my 99 xr650L. But... I'm having a problem..

I can find standard colors, but I want black.

I can find a front fender in black and a rear fender in black, but I cannot find the two big rear side plastics..

Anyone have any clues on where to look?


It's in the in "spray" can.

if your a handy kinda guy you can paint them. This what I plan on doing to my 98 xr650l. I did my research regarding painting plastic and this is what I came up with. You can do the following try the new spray paint from KRYLON called FUSION that suppose to bond with plastic (dealers listed on the KRYLON site). The other option is the following process recomended by an auto body supplier: #1 clean the plastic with prep solvent ( Im dont remember the excact type now but ill post it when i find the stuff I bought ). #2 rough up the surface slightly using abrasive pads made by 3M (they look like the green scrubbing pads in the cleaning section of the supermarket, but their brown). #3 Clean the plastic again with the solvent, let dry thoroughly. #4 spray the plastic with a product called ADHESION PROMOTER this will help the paint bond follow the instructions on the can. #5 spray paint it black using automotive paint, recoat as instructed.

If your worried about scratches to the paint from trail riding, 3M also makes high gloss plastic film you can cover these areas with after painting is completed. This is the same type of film used on the rocker panels of cars to keep the paint from chippping. The film is expensive at the autobody supply cause its sold by the roll, but you should be able to find it in the autobody section of your local auto parts store in smaller quatities for cheaper. A third option is to take the parts to your local sign/truck lettering shop. They will have outdoor grade self stick vinyl they use for lettering. Im sure they sell you some, and it should be thin enough to be able to follow the contours of your plastics. :)

I would suggest going to Maier plastics.. -Matt

Yeah, your screwed.The 650L side panels are different the the more common 600R.At least the left side is different(battery box).When i bought my last L,the guy had painted the panels orange,so i repainted them blue to match stock color.It worked fine.Once in a while(read crash)i had to touch them up but that was easy.Motor on NightRider! :) <font color="black">

Maier does make the rear fender, front fender, and a motocross style rear fender, yoiur may look kinda cool with the white side pannels with the other black parts. -Matt

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