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Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to this and was wondering if I could get some help from you guys.

I'm looking for a used dual sport bike. My budget is about $5000 CAD, although cheaper would be preferred. 

Ideally, I'd be able to drive at highway speeds up hills since I live in BC, Canada where we have a fair bit of mountains. I was going to go for a CRF250L originally, but my dad said 250cc won't be enough to push me up hills for extended periods of time, as I'm planning on going on a few road trips this summer. 

I'd probably drive 70% on road, and 30% off and this would be my first dual sport, but I have some experience with a dirtbike. 

I'm 5'10" and weigh about 155 pounds if that'd help. 



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70% Road and 30% dirt...... how much time you spend on Dirt or Road is not as important as the question of what you want to do on Road and Dirt.

I'd say a lot depends on what you want to do on dirt. If it's more about getting out there and enjoying the views and the nature that a relatively street oriented bike 

would do the job well. However if the Riding on the street is more about getting to the dirt where you want to have fun and explore as well as ride quick and nimble then you should look at a dirt bike that is street legal.

One thing to keep in mind is how a dual sport or a street legal motocross bike will effect your safety on the road.

I had a Yamaha Super Tenere for a while and I can say without doubt that street tires are on another planet compared to dual sport tires when it comes to handling, braking and safety on the road.


For your budget and your wish to spend a bit less than that.....

For a dirt oriented bike that can also eat miles and is very reliable you could look into the Suzuki Dr400.

Great in the woods and won't melt on the freeway. However stopping distance on the freeway will be on the long side.....




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