da snorkle desnorkle

What is the best way to desnorkle the airbox, and what kind of preformance difference will it make? :)

Remove the seat, drill out the two rivets that the attach the rectangular sleeve (snorkel) to the air box and lift it out. Make sure you clean out all the shavings in the air box/filter after your finished.

More air in = more air out = better performance. If you're running the stock exhaust and air cleaner, you won't notice very much of a difference.

If you've got a foam filter and a pipe, sit back and enjoy the ride. There's a definite boost in acceleration and you can hear the increased air flow rushing into the engine since its a lot less restricted.

The best way to open up the airbox is to Remove the snorkel by peeling it out, and then removing the baffle plate on the back side of the airbox, by snapping it out. Some people also cut triangular holes in the airbox cover (left number plate) and install various types of screen in the cut outs.

None of this make a performance difference unless the bike is rejetted much richer, the needle adjusted accordingly, the intake boot replaced with the HRC unit (40mm opening), and the exhaust opened up quite a bit by modifying the stock tip, or installing the HRC exhaust tip.


Just to clerify, Dual_Dog is referring to a 650L, and smashinz is referring to a 650R. They are slightly different. I believe some of the XRs a just 'glued' into place and can be peeled off, but the 650L has two rivets that need to be drilled out.

If you remove the snorkel, and add a hi-flow filter without re-jetting the carb, you will be way too lean. Just FYI..

Fun Ridin'!

Mike in KC

Glad somebody caught that. Come to think of it, what bike is jazzeyb talking about anyway? Guess it doesn't matter now since both types have been discussed already.

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